Are you looking for a powerful speaker to kick off an important meeting or initiative? Someone who can truly inspire your audience around topics like personal excellence and team success?

Through his speaking engagements, Dr. Christian Marcolli inspires his audiences – top-performing companies, market leaders and those who want to become it – with his innovative concept of Personal Leadership Excellence. Christian has succeeded in guiding multiple top companies, world-class athletes and sports teams to the peak of performance. He shares his vast experience and insight with his audiences, and engages them with authenticity, depth and humor. Dr. Marcolli is currently holding several keynotes with Olympic Gold Champion Dominique Gisin with the title „Making It Happen“. They also co-authored and published the book that inspires the masses.

Christian consistently receives outstanding feedback from the audience and is often invited back because of the quality and consistency of his performances.

If you are interested in having Christian Marcolli speak at your event, contact us here.

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