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Marcolli Executive Excellence has one singular objective: maximizing individual and team performance for world-class organizations so that they can reach their optimum capacity. Founder and CEO Dr. Christian Marcolli is one of the top performance coaches in the world. He has an exceptional track record from over a decade of work with Fortune 500 corporations, academic institutions and elite professional athletes. His clients are the global market leaders of today – and tomorrow.

Spread across five continents, Christian’s clients rely on his innovative concepts and groundbreaking methodologies to reach heights they previously thought unattainable. They credit their outstanding performance and true mastery in their professional domains to their work with Marcolli Executive Excellence. 
It is by far not enough to describe Dr. Marcolli and his team as coaches or leadership trainers in the traditional sense. With their pioneering systems and well-structured processes, they lead their clients – often already the best in their fields – to incomparable long-term, sustainable success.

"Dr. Marcolli's A-list clients include Olympic gold medalists, sports icons as well as C-Suite executives and managers in some of the world's most competitive organizations."

Inc. Magazine

The Melting Point

The Melting Point

How to stay cool and sustain world-class business performance

Business is a demanding, high pressure environment that provides constant challenges even for the most successful executives, leaders, managers and top performers. How can you keep your calm and focus while all the others are losing theirs, and sustain world-class business performance? The Melting Point - Dr. Christian Marcolli`s latest book - shows you how.

«The Melting Point is a comprehensive, thorough and multi-faceted look at a subject that has never been more relevant than it is today.»

– Patrick Lencioni, NY Times Best Selling Author of The Five Dysfunctions of a Team and The Advantage 

The P6PROP® Program

The P6PROP® Program is designed to build a comprehensive overall strategy and framework for consistent, sustainable high performance. It is the state-of-the-art program in high demand by companies seeking to maximize the productivity of their team members.

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