Our Team

At Marcolli Executive Excellence, we bring together experts from across key disciplines of the high performance world, such as leading-edge psychology, neuroscience, physical fitness, training and coaching, and health development and promotion. Our team speaks a total of 5 languages fluently, a key asset in our work with our global clients and teams.

Fabian Boos

Fabian Boos works as Client Relations Manager at Marcolli Executive Excellence. After his apprenticeship as International Management Assistant, he gained useful international experience in hospitality and events management. Based on his long-term relationships with clients, Fabian combines a high level of service with Swiss precision, punctuality and efficiency.

Our clients appreciate Fabians open-minded, authentic as well as his uncomplicated nature.

Fabian Boos lives in Switzerland. His native language is German and Rhaeto-Romanic and he speaks fluent English.