Fall 2013 · Kickoff issueIhr Top-Neujahrsvorsatz – Holen Sie das Beste aus Ihrem Team heraus

Hello everyone,

Helping individuals achieve excellence in their lives is the focus of my work – and I work with truly exceptional people. Whether it is an Olympic medalist or a top global executive, my clients are smart, hungry, and committed. They are at the absolute top of their game, and they still look for ways to make themselves better.

How many times have you heard about someone who achieved what seemed impossible? Maybe it’s the underdog who wins the medal against the odds. Or a colleague who inspired her team to deliver outstanding results, in spite of reorgs and budget cuts. What is their secret ingredient? What sets them apart? What drove you to take notice?

Take for example the FC Basel, a small Swiss soccer team who has achieved incredible success. Okay, I am biased, since I once played professionally for this club and am now the performance coach for their key players. In the past few years I have seen the team push beyond the limits of what critics thought was possible. The results are amazing: winning four National Championships and two Cup titles, eliminating Manchester United in the UEFA Champions League, beating Bayern Munich at home as well Tottenham, one of the five best clubs in England, in addition, defeating the Russian and Ukrainian champions. Most recently they even won against Chelsea FC, former Champions League winner in their home stadium. Their last season was 62 matches – that’s twice what normal teams play on average! Add to that a heavy travel schedule and ever present demands from the media, sponsors and fans. How do they stay motivated?

It’s a similar story for the corporate leaders and executives that I coach. There is a massive workload, huge demands and high expectations to perform. Heavy travel schedules mean limited time at home with the loved ones. And never does a year pass by “as planned.” In times of great transition or even crisis, leaders and executives need to prove their mental and emotional flexibility while delivering strong bottom-line results.

Here are some key characteristics that I have observed by the athletes and executives that I coach:

High performers have clearly defined the deeper purpose of their professional and personal activities. They have taken the time to ask themselves, “What are the fundamental things that I want to accomplish?” They connect daily with this deeper meaning and purpose to stay focused on the essential. If they are wrapped up in something that doesn’t serve their deeper purpose, they are quick to reprioritize.

They love what they do in an unconditional way (even the hard parts). They embrace their work with all its facets – good moments and achievements, but also harder times and unfair situations. Just as with any love affair, they may occasionally suffer to experience the beauty of it. But they have also developed the capacity to truly appreciate their successes.

They take care of themselves, particularly in bad times. The highest performers that I work with don’t let go of their “Good Habits” when things are not going how they expect. They do the opposite: Instead of complaining or suffering, they more systematically master their own response to the situation – physically, mentally and emotionally. By getting back to concrete routines and habits, they find total internal comfort and peace under massive stress.

They show their “best side” every day. They have reflected on how they are at their best at work and at home, and they work to stay connected to that “best side.” With such limited amount of time each day with the important people in their lives, they are committed to bringing this side of themselves to those daily interactions.

This mindset isn’t about “quick wins.” It is about steady performance in a very long race, one that may have unexpected twists, turns and roadblocks. It’s when the race gets tough that long periods of effort, focus, and endurance pay off. The result: crossing the finish line fresh, agile and empowered. And maybe even stronger and more balanced.

I’m excited to bring you more “Spotlights on Performance” throughout the year, from business to sports to current events, with the hope that you will be inspired, engaged and motivated to seek out excellence in your own life. In the short term, and for the long haul.



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