High Performance – Sustained!

Our clients are seeking change and expect powerful results in their professional lives – results that generate strong business results that can be seen, felt and measured in terms of positive influence on the business. We rigorously evaluate our programs and experiences to ensure that we deliver maximum impact and client satisfaction.

Immediate influence

At the completion of the P6PROP® Program, we ask all participants to rate the value of the program, and assess their experience and learning. A scientific study with 178 participants showed the following:

99% rated the P6PROP® Program as making a significant contribution to their ability to sustain high performance in their professional lives.

Meaningful and lasting results

But even more important is evaluating how individuals sustained their positive changes, even long after the conclusion of our work together. We call this in-depth evaluation the P6PROP® Review.

In a recent P6PROP® Review, 54 program participants evaluated the program’s impact from 6 months to close to 3 years after completion. Our results show that the P6PROP® Program strongly correlates to greater effectiveness and satisfaction professionally.

Sustainable high performance and career

100% of the participants who got promoted to a higher management level since their participation in the P6PROP® program, rated the program as having made a significant contribution to their ability to sustainable high performance.

80% of all the participants rated the program as having contributed significantly towards their ability for sustainable high performance.

Sustainable high performance combined with increased levels of vitality, energy and balance

84% of participants said that the P6PROP® Program helped them to harmonize the demands of their professional lives with their personal lives, leading to greater focus on the job.

82% of participants said that the P6PROP® Program contributed significantly to their personal health, fitness and well-being.

The detailed statistical analysis has shown that the impact of the program is sustainable. The results show that clients are still applying their “Good Habits” that they learned in our P6PROP® program 6 months after the program as well as almost 3 years after the program!