The P6PROP® Model of Personal Leadership Excellence

Are you stuck in short-term, reactive thinking? Or are you ready to craft your long-term future direction? As a result of more than a decade of coaching individuals and leaders, Marcolli Executive Excellence has developed an entirely new and innovative model of personal leadership excellence called P6PROP®.

What is P6PROP®?

  • It is a highly developed and progressive method to achieve high performance.
  • It is a powerful program for those who are ready and committed to embrace personal development.
  • It enables you to be insightful, receptive and capable of growth and excellence.
  • It is a holistic approach that harmonizes the demands of your internal and external worlds.
  • It helps you to be truly excellent in your field of performance.

It helps you to be excellent in your field of performance.

How does it work?

PROP stands for “Personal Resource Optimizing Performance”. P6PROP® can best be visualized as six airplane propellers, each corresponding to a specific component starting with the letter P: passion, precision, perception, peace, presence and persistence.

Each P-component is like a propeller on a plane: Providing maximum thrust and forward drive when angled optimally, or hindering your ability to perform at your personal best when not angled optimally.

The P6PROP® Inventory identifies your current level of Personal Leadership Excellence and helps you understand your potential to consistently perform at your personal best under any circumstance. It identifies the qualities that support your optimal performance as well as the qualities that hold you back. It can also be used as the basis for personal development plans and to monitor progress, providing long-term personal direction.

The P6PROP® Program was recently profiled in an article in Developing Leaders Magazine. For more about the program’s powerful results, including insights from participants, read the article here.