Creating Organizational Health

Highly competitive companies and organizations make solid investment in recruiting top talent so that they can build a smart workforce. But how can these same organizations also be mired in dysfunction, politics and confusion? The answer: It’s not just enough for companies and organizations to be smart – they must be healthy in order to grow, succeed and be competitive in today’s marketplace. We help organizations raise the game and get healthy through a suite of programs that equip leaders with the right skills and mindset.

Organizational health programs

Marcolli Executive Excellence works closely with executive teams of leading global businesses, non-profit organizations and educational institutions to assess their organization’s overall health and cohesiveness. The foundation is based on a long-lasting collaboration with Patrick Lencioni’s Table Group and its organizational health approach. We identify specific actions that will improve clarity and alignment between management, operations and the culture that will drive better results. Our program incorporates innovative and proven concepts that, when put into place, help organizations manage critical issues with confidence and maximize their success.

Developing business leaders

You might have a hard time describing what exactly makes an effective leader, but you certainly know it when you see it. Advancing to a higher leadership role requires new skills, habits and ways of thinking, and our leadership and mentoring programs will help you to get there.

Our leadership programs help individuals develop the necessary skills, habits and mindset to deliver outstanding results for the business. The programs are designed for senior and top-level executives, middle management, as well as first-line management, and link powerful leadership concepts with current and future business challenges.

The programs include theoretical work as well as practical exercises. The result is that our clients can immediately apply their insights to their team interactions seamlessly and effectively. We also offer our support after the leadership training with regular follow-up activities and individual coaching.

Mentoring programs

Some of our blue-chip clients specifically partner with us to design and facilitate highly customized mentoring programs for their key talents. Consisting of one member of the senior Executive group and small groups of 8-15 participants, the mentoring programs give participants visibility and bring them closer to the senior Executive’s vision of leadership for today and tomorrow.

The success of our mentoring programs is remarkable. Our clients report significant accelerated leadership development, noticeable positive impact on the function’s culture through collaborative, inclusive and authentic leadership, and – as a side-effect – almost 100% retention of the top talents even 3 years after the program.