Q1 · 2017Proudly announcing – The Melting Point:how to stay cool and sustain world-class business performance

I’m thrilled to announce that my new book, The Melting Point: How to Stay Cool and Sustain World-Class Business Performance is about to hit the stands. We’re in the final design stages and it’s a beauty. I could not be more proud of it, or thankful to the world-class leaders, elite athletes, top executives and high performers I work with everyday. You are the ones who inspired me to write this, and I can’t thank you enough.

Those of you who follow Spotlights on Performance have also read about my good colleague Patrick Lencioni. Recently I wrote about how this phenomenal leadership and business expert, and New York Times bestselling author, had agreed to write the foreword to The Melting Point. Let me just say that his words are profound — and I’m eternally grateful. He understands the aim of the book beautifully. As he wrote, “Intensity can be exciting, but too much can quickly wear us down. The challenge, it seems, is how to manage it.” Indeed.

Three key components of performance: Passion, adaptability, and coolness

This book is all about managing intensity — avoiding the stress trap and being able to perform at a heightened, even playful level. It’s about learning how to build the three components of exceptional performance: passion, adaptability, and coolness — no matter how hot it gets in the kitchen. This is by no means a quick or automatic process. It takes commitment and work. But the end result will be a transformation.

I have seen this in action with the most successful executives and leaders as well as the many sports superstars I’ve had the privilege of working with. They have an ability to perform under pressure that reflects the essence of those three key factors. They are passionate about their game, wanting not be just good, but the best. They readily adapt and learn from feedback. And they maintain their coolness. While other are melting down, they are still displaying the same accuracy, intensity, strength and focus. It makes them appear invincible. That’s what we all want as leaders and high performers: to be so clearly unphased, regardless of the storm of pressure around us, that our performance seems almost effortless.

We can do it. We can all raise our melting points, achieving remarkable levels of sustained performance under intense pressure. Just like the best athletes like Roger Federer knocking off his rattled opponents, executives and business leaders can prevail over their own tie-breakers and critical moments while remaining cool, playful, and positive.

The Melting Point takes you through the key stages of transformation

The Melting Point takes you through the key stages of transformation — from assessing your own performance to aiming high and achieving your goals, and gives you tactics for getting through every phase of your day. When you achieve Performance Leadership Excellence, this transformation will cascade into your teams and your organization. I have seen this process time and again, and each time it is incredibly profound.

I hope you’ll join me in celebrating this new book. Whether you’re at the early stages of your career or a high-level executive looking to raise that melting point, its strategies and proven tips were designed to elevate, inspire, and improve. The first step is up to you: it starts with your getting The Melting Point, and turning to page One.

Happy reading!