Q4 · 2018Spot on – Be inspired to excellence

My passion has always been to help senior executives, business leaders and top athletes achieve their highest level of performance, and then support them in sustaining and expanding this success in the long term. Above all, what matters to me is to enable them to achieve their goals in a positive, enjoyable, even a playful, lighthearted way – not through obsession, doggedness or exhaustion.

“Spotlight on Performance” provides inspiration for this. It explains my ideas and offers practical advice, drawing on books I’ve read, personal encounters I’ve experienced, and ‘lightbulb moments’ that my clients have shared with me.

Every quarter, for several years, I’ve published a new edition of “Spotlight on Performance”, and the number of subscribers has grown constantly. As well as this increase in circulation, I’ve received ever more feedback from readers, which tells me that my messages reach out to people time and again, all around the world. The popular response to “Spotlight on Performance” provided the impetus for publishing a book, which includes every edition published so far.

You can get your copy here.

My intention is for this book to inspire you – and for you to use it freely to inspire others. If a certain story reminds you of someone in particular who can benefit from it, I invite you to pass the book on to them, along with some personal notes you can leave on the opening page. Just email us straight afterwards and we will be happy to send you a new copy for free (spotlight@marcolli.com).

I trust this book will help you achieve playfully-reached, well-deserved and sustained success. And I wish you inspirational moments – both in your business career, and at home with your family and friends.